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Lavanya In Red
Love For Khadi
Kamarupa In Blue
Bhavya In Gold Drape

Our Hand-curated Collections

Curating is not a wizardry but a desire to find the best, the art you will love, cherish and flaunt. And if we both are lucky – you will definitely find your perfect piece in one of our collections.

The Aprudha Experience

At Aprudha we treat each saree as a work of art. We feel that the craftsmanship and commitment that has gone in the design and weaving of the saree should also extend to how the saree reaches you. While machines make our lives simple, we at Aprudha believe that a human level of commitment towards the experience is something that you will always welcome.

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The threads used for weaving the patterns in the fabric form the epicenter of the thought that goes with the saree – and with the right thought you seamlessly become what you always wanted to be.